AmeriGas President Stepping Down


AmeriGas Propane has announced that its long-standing president and chief executive is standing down. (image:


The head of one of the country’s biggest propane marketers is stepping down after 30 years’ service to the industry, reports.

AmeriGas Propane, Inc. president and chief executive Eugene V.N. Bissell will retire in the spring of next year. Mr. Bissell, 58, has run the company since his promotion 11 years ago. AmeriGas Propane, Inc. is the general partner of AmeriGas Partners, L.P.

Mr. Bissell joined UGI Corporation– which holds 44 percent of the partnership – in 1981. He held positions of responsibility at UGI and in the industrial gases division of AmeriGas before joining COC Group in 1987. He returned to AmeriGas Propane, Inc. in 1995 and worked in sales, marketing and operations before being made president and chief executive officer in 2000.

AmeriGas Partners’ websites says it is the nation’s largest retail propane marketer. It was founded in 1959 and now serves 1.3 million customers in all 50 states from nearly 1200 locations.

“Our mission continues to provide you with the most reliable, safest, and responsive propane service in the nation,” the website states.

AmeriGas offers customers easy access to online payments and account management. It’s domestically-produced, clean-burning propane gas is used for home heating, space heating, water heating, pool and spa heating, drying, cooking, grilling and motor fuel.

AmeriGas chairman Lon R. Greenberg said Mr Bissell had served the propane industry through many years of involvement in the National Propane Gas Association. His contributions were recently recognized when he was awarded association’s Distinguished Service Award.

“Throughout his 30-year career, Gene has made enormous contributions to both AmeriGas and the propane industry. Gene led AmeriGas through a period of transformational improvements in customer service, operations and safety while at the same time delivering long-term value for AmeriGas’s investors.”

Mr Greenberg said Mr Bissell was also a role model for countless AmeriGas employees.

“We thank Gene for his many contributions to AmeriGas and the propane industry and wish him a long, happy and healthy future retirement.”

The company plans to name Mr. Bissell’s successor later this year.

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