The Wireless Tank Monitor, Checking Your Propane from the Couch

One wireless propane tank model, made by Robertshaw, advertises a 100-foot range. (image:

The problem: You’re worried that the propane tank is running low. But it’s 9-degrees out and sleeting, and you don’t want to run across the back yard wearing your reading glasses. What do you do?

The solution: The wireless tank monitor, a little device that is still gaining traction in the propane market. The monitors are a two-part technology: The monitor attaches to your tank gauge, and sends a signal to a receiver, so you can keep an eye on your propane levels from the couch.

It’s worth asking your propane dealer about. Some provide the service free of charge, or may install a system that sends text updates to your cell phone and to the company, signaling them when you need a fill-up.

Or for the handy DIYer, wireless tank monitors are available online, too. One of the more popular models, sold by the company Robertshaw, advertises a 100-foot range for its battery-powered tank checker. It sells on Amazon for $66.

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