Presidential Candidate Supports Alaska’s Propane Projects

‘Pro-environment’ candidate Scott Keller says his awareness and ability to see the bigger picture will make him a good President. Learn more about his views and goals at (image:

As you’ve surely noticed, election season is nearly upon us. We’re hearing candidates’ views on an array of issues, but so far, none of them have had much to say about propane – until now! Scott Keller, a Presidential contender for 2012 running as an Independent, released a statement this week announcing his support for Alaska’s latest propane project. The project would extract propane from the North Slope to be used locally for cooking, home heating, and as a motor fuel to power the state’s fleet vehicles.

“Being Pro-America, Pro-People, and Pro-Local Autonomy, I want to share my strong views on supporting the Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority’s propane project and that I do not support other proposed Alaskan energy projects such as ANWR drilling (an unnecessary and risky project to continue our dependence on fossil fuels), Pebble Mine (a huge copper and gold mining operation), the Susitna Hydroelectric project, and a natural gas pipeline down the Parks Highway which would run through Denali National Park, all projects with the potential for great environmental harm to Alaska’s pristine wilderness,” Keller said.

Keller said that over the past eight years, federal and state-elected officials have ignored the wishes of the Alaskan people to fund ANGDA. 138,000 Alaskan voters created ANGDA in 2002, but Keller believes the government has been holding the Authority back from achieving the best possible energy situation for the state.

“My presidency would not tolerate the ignoring of the people, and I fully support the efforts of ANGDA to bring propane off the North Slope of Alaska, for use by all Alaskans, including rural Alaskans for cooking and heating fuel, plus projects like the ROUSH CleanTech trucks running on propane replacing many current Private and Governmental ‘fleet’ vehicles,” he said.

Keller’s statement explained his presidency would support the development of Alaska’s natural gas and its byproducts like propane to bring cleaner, cheaper fuels to Alaskans and all Americans. He also said he won’t stop working toward his pro-environmental goals “until air emissions are zeroed out and other energy sources like solar power are in place and running America’s motor.”

Mr. Keller noted his campaign seeks a fully collaborative open channel of communication with voters, welcoming input and questions. Voters can learn more about his stance on the environment and other issues at the Keller Campaign website.

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