PERC Training Course Teaches How Propane Appliances & Systems Make Greener Buildings

Not every building is as green as this one, so PERC is helping contractors step up their game with eco-friendly propane systems and appliances. (image:

The Propane Education & Research Council has designed a new online training course to help construction professionals understand the ways propane systems and appliances can increase scores on green building rating systems, reported last week.

The course, “Designing and Retrofitting with Propane Gas: Energy Benefits and Available Incentives,” is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council, the American Institute of Architects, the National Association of Home Builders, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The goal is to educate construction workers and designers on building energy efficient homes that qualify for government financial incentives.

“Construction professionals can provide their clients with better service by having a good understanding of available federal, state, and local tax incentives,” explained Tracy Burleson, PERC’s director of residential programs.

“Propane as a home’s primary energy source can help reduce energy costs and lower carbon emissions. Combined with available federal and possibly state and local tax incentives and rebates, the use of propane can provide an attractive return on investment,” she said.

The Build With Propane website is a fantastic propane information resource, featuring product reviews, an energy and carbon calculator, a multimedia library, and a comprehensive map showing which heating systems provide the best performance and savings in different areas of the country. Click here to register for the new training course, explore the site, and sign up to win an energy efficient tankless water heater!

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