Colorado Chile Festival Features Art, Salsa Lessons & Propane Roasting

True "Chileheads" know a pepper's hotness can be measured by the Scoville Scale. (image:

Lakewood, Colorado is closing out summer with its third annual Chile Harvest Art Festival, an event celebrating the Spanish Colonial tradition of harvesting chile peppers, La Voz Bilingue reported.

On August 27th and 28th they’ll be using propane grills to prepare the tasty peppers, but attendees can count on a mix of indigenous and modern activities. Event administrators from Lakewood’s Heritage, Culture & Arts Division guarantee something for everyone: cultural storytelling, piñata making, traditional dance, folklore ballet, museum tours, salsa lessons, Aztec and Flamenco dancing, and contemporary art.

And, of course, chiles. With hanging ristras of dried chiles, loaded roadside tables, and locally grown farmer’s markets, folks say you can smell the peppers from miles away. Roasting makes the skins easier to peel off, and they’re then converted into all kinds of forms we know and love – salsa, hot sauce, cornbreads, soups, you name it.

“Want to roast your own on the grill? No problem, grab a propane tank and turn them as they begin to blister,” one local advised. “Make sure when handling chiles to keep them away from your eyes. Use gloves to ensure safety.”

To learn more event details, check out the Festival’s website here. And for more scrumptious propane grilling tips from the ‘pro, click here, here, or here!

Ok, these guys won't be there. But it'll still be a good time! (image:

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