Natural Gas Co. Dumps ‘Friendly Fracosaurus’ Coloring Book After Widespread Criticism

"Talisman Terry's Energy Adventure" uses euphemistic language to suggest that hydraulic fracturing is actually beneficial to the environment. (image:

Talisman Energy announced they’ll no longer be distributing “Talisman Terry’s Energy Adventure,” a children’s coloring book featuring a “friendly Fracosaurus” giving a sugarcoated explanation of the natural gas drilling and production process, the Associated Press reported late last week.

The book was distributed throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, a state that sits atop the gas-rich Marcellus shale and is currently debating how, and if, to proceed with handling hydraulic fracturing (fracking) practices and regulation. Many energy activists called on Talisman to retract the coloring book, while Massachusetts congressman Ed Markey and Comedy Central headliner Stephen Colbert publicly mocked it.

Rep. Markey referenced the book at a recent Energy and Mineral Resources and Agriculture Joint Subcommittee hearing. He explained that Talisman Terry is a lovable dinosaur who “playfully promotes the benefits of natural gas and paints a picture of a magical world filled with smiling rocks and grinning animals.”

That’s a problem because, Markey stated, “Unless you are a ‘Frack-a-saurus’ named ‘Talisman Terry,” this world doesn’t exist.”

Talisman spokesperson Natalie Cox said the coloring book received “more attention than it should have,” and “there’s two sides to every story.” Talisman Energy holds one of the worst drilling records in Pennsylvania and has been cited for multiple environmental infractions. Here’s a look at one particularly controversial page:

Is this an accurate depiction of a post-drilling nature scene? (image:

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