Alliance AutoGas Brings Cleaner Fuel Options to Nantucket

Commercial fleets and private drivers (of cars and boats!) in New England now have better access to the world's most popular alternative fuel. (image:

Alliance AutoGas continued its mission of expanding autogas usage and infrastructure in the U.S. this week by partnering with Nantucket Energy Corp., LLC to supply propane autogas to community fleets on the Massachusetts island. Program administrators said the move is congruent with “the historically independent, resourceful spirit” of Nantucket because autogas is produced almost entirely domestically and greener than most other fossil fuels.

“Our goal has always been providing fair and responsible propane prices and finding innovative ways to meet community energy needs. Autogas is growing in popularity, so we expanded our capabilities to offer fleets this cost-effective clean fuel,” said Nantucket Energy co-founder Philip Marks, III. “Partnering with Alliance AutoGas to provide an inexpensive, clean-burning fuel illustrates our commitment to our customers, the environment and ultimately our nation’s energy future.”

Alliance AutoGas is a national industry group consisting of propane retailers, conversion experts, and equipment suppliers that serves as a resource for helping fleet managers switch from gasoline to autogas. The consortium has perpetuated the construction of several new autogas fueling stations across the country, even installing them onsite with no up-front costs. Providing services ranging from technical conversion support to ongoing safety training, Alliance AutoGas hopes continued autogas expansion will lead to less dependence on foreign fossil fuels, as well as the introduction of autogas-ready cars in the U.S. market.

“As the latest addition to the nationwide Alliance AutoGas network, Nantucket Energy is supporting our mission to make the most popular alternative fuel in the world available to more American fleets,” said Alliance Autogas President Stuart Weidie. “Autogas is a smart fuel across the board – it’s environmentally friendly, affordable and made right here in the U.S.A. Communities like Nantucket are leading the way in adopting this clean energy technology and Alliance AutoGas is here to ensure they have the tools and support they need to successfully shift to autogas.”

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