PetroSA Increases Propane Production to Offset Shortage

PetroSA employs around 2,000 people and is responsible for controlling South Africa's petroleum industry commercial assets. (image:

PetroSA, one of the world’s largest Gas-to-Liquids refineries, announced it will convert a percentage of its motor gasoline molecules to propane to alleviate South Africa’s burgeoning LPG shortage, the Times LIVE reported today.

The Cape Town-based corporation is South Africa’s national oil company, and is primarily responsible for looking out for all industry-related concerns and operations. To combat the shortage, PetroSA plans to reduce its motor gasoline production by 2,000 cubic meters per month and increase LPG production by 3,000 cubic meters per month.

PetroSA board chairman Dr. Benny Mokaba expressed concern the LPG shortage is negatively affecting the motor industry, but more importantly, the country’s most vulnerable low-income residents are having a difficult time accessing the heating fuel as the weather is becoming colder. He said the company was happy to make the change for the good of the country.

“In a country such as ours, PetroSA’s reason for existence is vital. We exist in order to ensure security of supply when market forces fail for whatever reason,” Mokaba said. “It is our fervent hope that our efforts will go a long way towards easing the situation and warming South Africans in these chilly days.”

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