Propane Plays a Role in Canada’s Sustainable Energy Strategy

As you know, propane is a relatively green fuel - that's why Canada's propane marketers believe it will have an important role in the country's sustainability plan. (image:

Representatives from the Canadian Propane Association recently met with Robert W.J. Ghiz, Premier of Prince Edward Island (PEI) to discuss ways the propane industry can contribute to Canada’s sustainable energy strategy, Digital Journal reported.

“Propane is an important part of the clean energy mix,” said Jim Facette, President and CEO of the Canadian Propane Association, noting that both the federal and provincial governments consider propane a verified alternative fuel. “In 2008, the total economic value of propane in PEI, which includes direct impacts plus spin-off effects on the economy, was $35 million and direct propane industry employment in the Atlantic Provinces reached approximately 670 jobs.”

The Canadian Propane Association is comprised of more than 400 members and essentially functions as the mouthpiece of the country’s multi-billion dollar propane industry. The well-timed meeting may have been in preparation for next month’s 2011 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference in Alberta.

“There is room for growth and by including propane in the clean energy mix this will have a positive impact on PEI’s economy and the environment,” Facette added.

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