National Propane Gas Association Welcomes New Geneva Fueling Station

Geneva's new Phelps Sungas station is one of the first public access autogas fueling stations in the state! (image:

Phelps Sungas, in collaboration with Alliance AutoGas, announced the grand opening of the first public propane autogas fueling station in the Finger Lakes area last week. Roland Penta, Chairman of the National Propane Gas Association and President of Phelps Sungas, and New York Senator Michael Nozzolio attended the ceremony for the new station in Geneva, NY, praising the growth of autogas infrastructure in the state.

“Propane autogas is a clean, cost-effective and domestically produced vehicle fuel that is rapidly growing in popularity with fleets across the country,” Penta said. “Our new fueling station in Geneva is a crucial step toward making American-made autogas more widely available to the public.”

Attendees also discussed some specific autogas benefits you ‘pro fans already know. For example, that 90% of the U.S. propane supply is extracted and produced here and combustion produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other fossil fuels. And of course, it’s cheaper!

“Not only do vehicles running on autogas experience lower fuel costs, the up-front expense of implementing autogas fueling infrastructure is significantly lower than that of other alternative fuels – making it a much more viable choice for going green while saving some green,” Penta added.

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