PERC Introduces ‘Propane Energy Pod’ for Efficient Home Construction

Free hour-long training courses on the Propane Energy Pod's mechanical systems are available online for interested construction professionals! (image:

The Propane Education & Research Council has created a new, multi-faceted research-based energy model to help architects and builders design more eco-friendly propane powered homes. The research-based construction model takes the five biggest energy consumers in the house – water heating, space heating, cooking, clothes drying, and fireplaces – into consideration, treating them as a whole to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.

“Construction professionals now have research-driven information to help homeowners make educated decisions about their home’s energy use,” said Tracy Burleson, PERC’s director of residential programs. “The Propane Energy Pod not only offers building professionals a valuable solution when building a home, but is also backed by a comprehensive offering of technical and installation-specified training resources.”

Studies on the model concluded that Pod homeowners stand to save $285 annually on energy bills, thanks to the incorporation of efficient mechanical systems and propane appliances. According to PERC, propane furnaces expel 70% fewer greenhouse gases than electric furnaces, and propane tankless water heaters can cost half as much to operate than electric storage heaters. Impressive, eh?

And, because Pod homes are approximately 32% more energy efficient than the average new home, they consistently qualify for the federal Energy Efficient Home Credit. This credit program offers $2,000 to homes that meet a code for reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling by 50% or more.

“In the past, there has been a piecemeal approach to greening a home,” Burleson added. “The Propane Energy Pod delivers operational efficiency that allows builders to meet homeowners’ goals with style and ease.”

Building professionals looking to learn more about the Pod can access the online Propane Training Academy here.

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