Leo Motors to Debut Electric/LPG ‘Super Car’ This Year

A sneak peek inside Leo's Electric Conversion Moring Engine. (image: leomotors.com)

Seoul, Korea-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Leo Motors announced their new electric super car, a project that kicked off in 2006, will be debuted at the end of this year.

Drawing from approximately 56 patents pending and accepted, the “LZ-1” will use Leo’s hybrid technology, which mixes hydrogen and LPG to fuel a generator inside the car to supply electricity to the car’s power train. Engineers expect the new vehicle to produce extremely low levels of emissions and be able to drive 249 miles with a single electrical charge and 560 miles with every charge/fuel refill.

The super car is expected to be able to hit speeds up to 161 miles per hour, and will come equipped with a safe body comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.

“Our goal is to make the new electric super car drive 0-60 miles per hour from the start within 2.9 seconds,” said John Lee, CEO of Leo Motors. “If the goal is achieved, Leo’s new super car would be the fastest among EVs including Tesla.”

The Tesla is a well-known electric sports car. Autogas insiders are hopeful that continued developments like this one, along with encouragement from federal legislation, will soon lead to propane autogas-fueled vehicles being sold in the United States.

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