Volkswagen Gives New Caddy Van Autogas Engine

Volkswagen affirms that so far, the new Caddy is the only factory-produced LPG vehicle in its class. (image:

German carmaker Volkswagen is now fitting its line of Caddy vans with 1.6 liter, 4-cylinder Bifuel engines capable of running on either propane autogas or petrol, reported today.

Volkswagen representatives said that because Bifuel models come standard with two tanks – one holds 45 liters (about 11.9 gallons) and the other holds 60 liters (15.85 gallons) – the fuel efficient Caddy has a combined range of over 584 miles. And besides enjoying the usual price break of autogas, drivers will reduce carbon emissions by more than 10%.

It’s still only available on the European market, where NGLs (natural gas liquids) qualify for a government tax incentive. However, as autogas-powered vehicles continue to gain exposure, and engine conversion becomes easier and more readily available, industry insiders believe it won’t be long before consumers will be able to purchase autogas-ready vehicles in the United States.

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