Not Sure if You’re Running Low on Propane? Check Out Translucent Tanks

Bonus: they're made of non-corrosive material that won't rust. (image:

If you don’t enjoy lifting your portable propane tank to see how much gas is inside, or you’re so strong you just can’t tell how much is in there, a translucent tank might be just the ticket for your summer propane needs! Lite Cylinder tanks are made of a see-through composite material to give you a visual reading of what’s left in your tank. A plastic casing makes them easy to carry, and they can withstand extremely hot or cold outdoor temperatures.

The only complaint from Consumer Reports: these tanks are slightly taller than the standard model, so make sure they’ll fit in your grill’s retainer bracket before you buy. They’ll run you about $90, which falls on the pricier side of the spectrum, but they are six pounds lighter than the conventional steel version. The Tennessee-based company manufactures four cylinder sizes, which all have a life of about 15 years.

Another considerable perk – these tanks won’t explode. If they catch on fire, the container simply melts and the gas will leak out. Cool, eh? Nothing ruins a barbeque like having to go on an impromptu propane run. So if your grill doesn’t have a fuel gauge, check out this video from Lite Cylinders to learn more about the benefits of translucent tanks:

[youtube JaMzmOJbkeQ]

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