UPDATE: Propane Leak Patched in Canada

Welcome to Sarnia, Ontario, home to a major propane hub. And this post office. (image: kihm5.wordpress.com)

The propane leak at a BP Canada plant in Sarnia, Ontario, was patched up Tuesday night, 11 days after the break was discovered on a flange connected to an underground storage cavern. The energy provider had previously characterized the leak as a “wisp,” and no propane was thought to have wafted outside the facility.

Though however small, the leak was tricky to plug up, a BP spokesperson told the local Observer.

The leak temporarily delayed both rail and truck shipments over the weekend. Sarnia is home to one of Canada’s two major propane centers, and is a supply point for parts of the Northeast U.S. and Michigan, the country’s #1 propane consumer based on residential use.

Meantime, in a separate incident, Bloomberg reported that a Suncor refinery was the site of a brief propane release yesterday. The little puff had no affect on production, a company spokesman said.

C’mon, Sarnia. Tighten up!

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