Propane Heat Means a Hot Hand at the Phoenix Open

Caddy Michael Maness warmed the grip of a club at the Phoenix Open today, where temperatures were in the 30s. (image: Associated Press)

It was a chilly morning in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the cold delayed the opening rounds of golf’s Phoenix Open for four hours Thursday. (Cold in Arizona means 39-degrees.) Frost laced the fairway, the irons were icy, and Michael Maness proved he was the hardest-working caddy in the game.

During the delay, Manness was spotted warming the clubs for his golfer, Bill Haas, next to one of the course’s propane heaters (see the photo). And a hot grip translated to a hot hand: Haas was two strokes under this afternoon, tying him for seventh as he headed into the back nine. So caddies take note: Warm up the clubs tomorrow.

The propane heater is a regular at sporting events. We’ve spotted them on the sidelines of football games and warming pitchers in the bullpen during the post-season, too.

Update: Haas stayed hot, finishing Thursday’s round at six under, which ties him for first.

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