Propane Tank Week: 500 Gallons, a Tank of a Tank

Propane Tank Week ends today, with a look at one of the most serious tanks used at home: the 500 galloner. “Tanks” for joining us this week.

The 500-gallon tank, a multi-talented fellow who supplies large homes and small businesses. (image: George Thomas via

Size: 500 gallons, with a capacity of 400 gallons (what’s the deal with that?)

Nicknames: Tank, El Grande

Uses: For a typical home with heavy use, this is the tank. The 500-galloner will supply central heat, plus another appliance or two around the house, without tapping out too fast. It can be installed above ground, or, for customers who like their propane but not the looks of the tank, underground. And the 500 can handle some commercial work, too. It’s a popular choice for restaurants that run their kitchens on propane, or roofing contractors who need to fire up the tar kettle.

(And a closing word about 1,000 gallon tanks. Perhaps you live in a palace heated by propane, with three propane-heated swimming pools. In that case, you’ll want to upgrade to the 1,000 galloner. On the other hand, homeowners who live in especially chilly climates, or in hard-to-reach places, may opt for one to minimize deliveries.)

Who knew? File this under “Crafty Ways to Re-Use Old Propane Tanks.” This guy made some modifications to a 500 gallon propane tank, painted it green, and called it a lawn roller. Hank Hill, a propane man and fellow lawn enthusiast, would approve.

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