Propane Tank Week: 250 Gallons, a Jack of all Trades

Propane Tank Week gets into the serious hardware today, with the 250-gallon propane tank.

The 250-gallon tank, a jack of all trades. (image:

Size: 250 gallons, with a capacity of 200 gallons (what’s the deal with that?)

Nicknames: Jack of all Trades, Ol’ Versatile

Related Tanks: 330 galloner

Uses: With a 250-gallon propane tank in the backyard (or under the backyard), the options around the house open up. This is a tank that could handle the heating demands of a typical house, and even power another appliance like a dryer or stovetop if the place isn’t too big. Of course, add a couple of propane fireplaces, and you’ll want to move up a size or face frequent propane deliveries. And at this size, customers have some options about where they place it on their property: it can be buried or placed above ground (perhaps under a fake rock).

Who knew? A 250-gallon tank weighs in close to 500 pounds, but can be transported with a single hand. How? Meet the YankATank, a specialized tank-mover.

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