Already in 12 States! is working with propane dealers in a dozen states — covering more than 2011 zip codes in 2011! (image: illustration) is already becoming one of the web’s most definitive sources of information about propane, but did you know it can help you find a new propane supplier, too? provides consumers with free quotes from up to three pre-screened propane suppliers in their area. It’s quick and easy, and customers also get peace of mind knowing that only works with the best propane companies in the industry.

And despite launching fairly recently, is very happy to announce that it is already working with propane dealers in over 2000 zip codes in 12 states! And those states are (drumroll, please):

North Carolina
New Jersey
New York
West Virginia

Propane is used by consumers in every part of the country — from propane-sipping Washington, DC, up to the consumption king, Michigan. So we’ll keep you posted as new states and suppliers come online. Until then, stay tuned to for the latest news on this vitally important residential and commercial fuel.

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