Propane Gift Guide: The Shoe Dryer

Who you calling tenderfoot? This propane shoe dryer keeps your boots toasty off the grid. (image:

You’ve been hunting wild caribou across the tundra since dawn. By the time you get back to camp, your boots are soaked with sweat and snow. You could risk drying them around the fire, and melting off the Gore-Tex. Or you could dig into your dogsled for the propane-powered PEET shoe dryer.

This little campsite luxury runs for 60 hours on a one-pound propane cylinder, according to PEET. Flip your boots upside down on the patented “DryPorts,” and in three to six hours, you are dry-footed and back on the trail.

With special attachments, you can use the dryer on your gloves, or even fishing waders. Though stylish ladies could also presumably use it to dry the high boots they are all wearing around Manhattan. Then again, if you need to heat up a Pop Tart and the power’s out…

Amazon sells the propane dryer for $70, with two foot-long extension attachments available for another $10.

So what to do while your shoes are drying? Brew up a cup of coffee on the propane-powered Brewfire Coffeemaker.

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