Metro Lawn Helps Commercial Mowers Go Green


Propane is found in abundance in the US and 90 percent of the propane consumed here is produced domestically. Switching to propane helps save the environment while reducing America's reliance on foreign oil. (image: Donna Hussey via


We all know propane is an environmentally-friendly alternative fuel helping thousands of commercial fleets to save big on energy costs.

But it’s not just road vehicles that are making the switch.

The folks at Metro Lawn are helping countless commercial mower operators to convert their lawn trimming machines to run on clean-burning and domestically produced propane gas.

Metro Lawn is part of Heritage Propane, the third largest propane company in America. It boasts more than 450 retail sites across the US in 44 states and has helped countless landscaping companies, municipals, schools and parks convert their mowers to propane with little or no upfront cost.

The company says the advantages of using propane instead of gasoline or diesel fuel are numerous and convincing.

Firstly, there are clear economic incentives. Propane is much cheaper than regular fuels and can deliver significant savings in terms of energy costs. Also, Metro Lawn can reduce your fuel handling costs by delivering fuel direct to your location. This means fewer trips to the service station to fill up.

Secondly, propane just makes more environmental sense. Running a commercial mower on regular fuels means you’re pumping nasty carbon emissions into the environment and contributing to global warming. Switching from gasoline to propane can cut those emissions by up to 80 percent.

Furthermore, propane-powered equipment requires less maintenance because the cleaner-burning fuel deposits less carbon in the engine. This means reduced maintenance cost as well as being greener.

It’s also worth remembering that 90 percent of the propane used in the US is produced domestically and thanks to a boom in shale gas reserves, supply is only set to increase. Propane is helping us reduce our reliance on foreign oil and the propane industry is creating jobs for countless of Americans.

“The relationships we build with our customers, our vendors and all others is important to us,” Metro Lawn says. “Our team of trained and certified technicians works hard to provide quality propane service you can depend on for your business.”

David Vekasy of Missions National Parks says the nation’s native reserves must be as environmentally green as possible.

“When I chose to start using propane mowers on the park it made me feel good that I was using an American fuel and putting less harmful emissions into the air. Metro Lawn’s program helped me with my fueling infrastructure that saves time and money.”

Georgia landscaping company Merry Acres recently bought eight propane-powered lawn mowers in a bid to be more environmentally responsible and reduce running costs. Vice president Jon Dozier believes more companies will make the switch to propane.

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