Propane Companies Support Breast Cancer Charity

The nation's propane companies are getting behind a worthy charity and raising money for breast cancer awareness. (image:

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and propane companies around the country are doing their bit for the worthy cause.

In Clinton North Carolina, Parker Gas Co painted its new propane pink in support of the women’s health charity, reports. Darren Parker, whose father Earl founded the company in 1948, came up with idea as a way to give back to customers who had supported his family business.

He also has a personal connection. Many of their friends have battled breast cancer and his wife Michelle is involved with the American Cancer Foundation’s Relay for Life.

“You don’t have to look far to find someone who has been affected by breast cancer,” Parker said.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the pink Parker truck has been running since February 2010. The company has pledged a penny for every gallon of propane pumped from the truck to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. It has already donated $7100. The money helps provide women and men in need with mammograms and biopsies.

A growing number of US propane companies are getting behind the cause. Dozens of firms are painting their trucks pink, emblazoned with the pink ribbon emblem, and pledging monetary donations to the charity foundation.

Parker said the truck had to be painted and customized according to American Breast Cancer Foundation specifications. But he first made sure his driver and route supervisor, Hillary A. Morrisey, wouldn’t mind getting behind the wheel.

And though Morrisey, 48, got some ribbing initially, he now wears a pink hoodie when making his deliveries and even hands out brochures on breast cancer awareness when quizzed about the pink truck.

“That’s my truck, and I’m proud to drive it because of the cause,” Morrisey said.

“Some ladies will come out and take pictures. I get a lot of attention.”

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