Turn Your Propane Tank Into a Gigantic Lego Head

Just when you thought your tired old propane tank would never surprise you again... (image: technabob.com)

Got too much spare time on your hands and sick of looking at your tired old propane tank? Well how about turning that sucker into a giant Lego Head?

Filed under “things I foolishly never realised” – the folks at gizmodo.com have figured out that the humble home propane canister is the perfect substitute for the iconic American figurine.

All you have to do is spray paint your propane tank yellow and draw on a face and voila – your boring old propane tank is reborn.

It’s easy and all you need is a lick of spray paint and enamel hobby paint for the cheeky but enigmatic Lego Head face

Gizmodo.com recommends waiting for the yellow to dry thoroughly before embarking on the facial features. You can choose from free-hand sketching or use a stencil and spray paint for a more professional look.
Go on, it’s the ultimate grill conversation starter and your kids will love it!


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