Propane-Powered Ford Van Recall Issued

A recall notice has been issued for Ford E-Series vans amid concerns of a possible propane leak. (image:

A recall notice has been issued for Ford E-Series vans because of a possible propane leak.

The notice was issued this week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It was made in conjunction with the Ford motoring giant and Roush engine conversion specialists. Only 286 vehicles are thought to be affected.

The recall notice relates to 15 models, which include the 2011 Ford E-150, E-250, E-350, and E-450 vans, due to a problem with a retention clip that holds the fuel injectors, reports. A valve in the Roush liquid propane autogas fuel system may have been assembled improperly, allowing a propane leak.

In a statement, Roush said faulty clips on affected vans could leak propane from the vehicles’ fuel rail, posing a potential fire hazard.

Roush will notify owners of affected vans and arrange free replacement of the faulty clips. Owners are urged to contact Roush directly for more info on the recall. They can contact Roush at 1-734-466-6255 to arrange replacement of the defective valve.

Roush CleanTech is the industry leader in clean energy engine conversion solutions. It has partnered with propane autogas to help countless fleets across the nation switch to clean-burning, locally-sourced propane gas.

Propane is not only much cheaper than traditional vehicle fuels, it is also much more environmentally friendly, producing far few carbon emissions and small particulates than diesel or gasoline.

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