Two Tennessee Cities Debate Propane Storage Facility

Propane is popular in Tennessee. Since 1947, the Tennessee Propane Gas Association has been teaching consumers about the benefits of propane and providing safety education to retailers and homeowners. (image:

The neighboring Tennessee cities of Millersville and Goodlettsville are butting heads over plans for a new propane storage facility, reported this week.

Cheryl Maplesden, Carl Sumruld and a posse of other Goodlettsville residents object to the new facility and are going door to door to raise awareness for their cause. They’re concerned that the risk of leaks or explosions will pose a threat to their community.

“It’s a bad idea from the get go,” Sumruld said.

According to the report, around 500 homes stand in the vicinity of the new facility. Millersville city manager Robert Mobley said he wants to be a good neighbor but plans to move forward with the project. He said the facility poses no danger, as the city will strictly adhere to all safety regulations. Mobley added the new facility will bring economic benefits to both cities by creating jobs and expanding its fledgling industrial park.

“Historically on a national level these things don’t present problems. It’s very rare when there is an incident,” Mobley said. “The entire area from Millersville to Goodlettsville can gain from this.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission will have the final say on the issue when they vote next month.

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