Faulty Fuel Hose Sparks Propane Safety Recall

CleanFUEL USA have issued a safety recall notice relating to Blue Bird Propane Vision school buses after a potential problem was identified with fuel hoses. (image: schoolbusfleet.com)

Potential safety problems in a new-generation propane-powered school bus have sparked a precautionary recall by CleanFUEL USA, marketwatch.com reports.

The recall relates to fuel hose fittings on the Blue Bird Propane Vision school bus, which Propane.pro featured last week.

The ‘Vision’ boasts 362 horsepower and meets stringent Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certification requirements. It was developed in association with the Propane Education and Research Council and features state of the art propane fueling technology by ROUSH CleanTech.

CleanFUEL USA, a leading supplier of alternative fuel infrastructure and liquid propane engine systems, issued a recall last week for the Vision through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The company identified a potential safety problem with a faulty hose fitting during an independent quality review. It found evidence of the hose fitting separating from the fuel line, which could potentially cause a small amount of propane to be released. Though several mechanisms are in place to safely stop the fuel flow; the cutoff of fuel could result in a vehicle stall.

CleanFUEL stresses that no accidents have been reported associated with the recall and the move is purely precautionary.

“It is a paramount concern for the company to uphold the integrity of our engine systems and ensure the safety, performance and longevity of our products,” said CleanFUEL USA president Curtis Donaldson,

“Through consistent quality reviews, we have been very proactive in investigating this issue and in notifying the supplier of the failed components, who acknowledged the issue pertaining to the defective parts. These parts will no longer be used in future models and we are working with Blue Bird closely to identify and notify affected dealers and owners.”

In partnership with Blue Bird, CleanFUEL is pursuing a 100 percent recall of all Propane Vision school bus products issued before August this year within the affected population. CleanFUEL will replace faulty hose fittings with a new crimp hose fitting design at no charge.

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