Propane Forklifts Help US Manufacturers Go Green

An estimated 670,000 propane-powered forklifts are helping the US manufacturing sector stay environmentally sustainable. (image:

It’s not just summer grills and alternatively-powered road vehicles that are going green with propane gas.

Propane-powered forklift fleets are helping countless US manufacturing facilities become more environmentally sustainable, reports. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) estimates there are more than 600,000 propane-powered forklifts operating in US factories, warehouses and distribution centres.

Corporate sustainability is now essential in the quest for business from an ever environmentally-conscious consumer public. And as manufacturers look for ways to make their material-handling operations more sustainable, many are taking the first step by switching to forklifts that run on cleaner-burning propane gas.

Propane-fueled forklifts are common in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers across the country. Like road vehicles that run on propane autogas, the alternatively-fueled forklifts provide several advantages to owners and managers – especially sustainability. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 19 percent compared with gasoline-fueled forklifts, and 7 percent compared with those fueled by diesel, mbtmag reported.

With oil prices still stubbornly high, propane is much cheaper than traditional vehicle fuels. Further savings are possible thanks to a 50-cent-per-gallon alternative fuel tax credit for propane-fueled forklifts, made available through last year’s Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act.

Many fleet operators also benefit from the autogas tax credit after converting their on-road fleet to propane – saving money and reducing their business’s carbon footprint.

But reduced greenhouse gas emissions achieved by propane-fueled forklifts don’t mean reduced power. The environmentally-friendly machines provide consistent, reliable power 24 hours a day and offer longer run times between refueling than forklifts fueled or powered by other energy sources.

Furthermore, as reported previously on, nearly 90 percent of US propane supplies are produced domestically, making it a readily available, locally-sourced fuel choice for manufacturing facility owners and managers.

Gas canisters are either delivered to your facility by your local propane dealer, or a propane dispenser can be installed on-site.

For more information on propane forklifts, visit or talk to your local propane dealer.

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