California Center for Sustainable Energy Kicks Off 18-Month Traveling Propane Exhibition

When we see a ROUSH vehicle, we usually think of propane’s benefits as a motor fuel. However, this CCSE trailer will also teach Californians about the money and pollution they’ll save by using propane and solar energy in their homes and businesses as well. (image:

The California Center for Sustainable Energy launched its Residential Energy Roadshow over the weekend in San Diego, reported. The event seeks to educate and encourage Southern Californians to use energy-efficient appliances and practices in their homes, businesses and vehicles – and this year, propane autogas is taking center stage. The CCSP has partnered with Ferrellgas and ROUSH CleanTech to create a traveling trailer exhibit teaching people about the many benefits of using propane, solar energy, and other alternative fuels. Latched to a ROUSH Ford F-250 pickup truck, the mobile exhibit will travel through San Diego, San Bernando and Riverside counties over the next 18 months.

“Thanks to generous donations from ROUSH CleanTech and Ferrellgas, hundreds of thousands of Californians will be able to learn about home energy efficiency, solar energy and the products and incentives available to them when visiting the mobile exhibit,” said CCSE executive director Irene Stillings.

“This is a perfect example of how multiple clean technologies can work together to demonstrate energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote more sustainable practices,” she said.

Many drivers are hesitant to switch to propane autogas because they fear there aren’t enough fueling stations across the country to make it a viable option. The CCSE’s traveling trailer hopes to put this myth to bed – throughout its tour, the truck can stop to fill up at any of the 200 Ferrellgas propane stations in California.

The Residential Energy Roadshow is also supported by Energy Upgrade California, Go Solar California! and the Department of Energy’s BetterBuildings Neighborhood Program. Roadshow administrators explained that propane’s affordability and eco-friendliness is especially pertinent to Californians struggling with air quality concerns and regulations.

“Propane autogas can immediately address air quality concerns for residents,” said ROUSH CleanTech vice president of sales and marketing Tim Muow. “This is a great partnership that will showcase to Californians that propane autogas is the most readily deployable and flexible alternative fuel.”

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