Alliance Autogas Boosts Propane Accessibility for Vehicles in Georgia

Propane is catching on in Georgia – last year this Sheriff’s Office in Columbus converted 20 squad cars as part of the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program. (image:

Yesterday Alliance Autogas announced its new partnership with LP Gas Holding Company, a propane provider serving over 7,000 customers throughout 28 counties in Georgia. By supporting new autogas fueling stations and assisting companies with the fleet conversion process, Alliance Autogas is certainly doing its part in expanding the industry’s infrastructure in the U.S. As for LP Gas Holding Co., they’ve been providing commercial and residential customers with propane for eco-friendly home heating purposes for 22 years. Through the new partnership, LP’s customers will be able to fuel their cars as well as their homes.

“LP Gas Holding Company has been providing clean-burning propane heating options to the local community for years, and now through the Alliance Autogas complete program, we proudly offer propane autogas as a cost-effective alternative vehicle fuel,” said company president and CEO Dan Richardson. “It’s more affordable to set up autogas fueling stations compared to other alternative fuels, and Alliance will install on-site fueling infrastructure at no up-front cost.”

Alliance Autogas administrators are pretty jazzed too. As you know, they help commercial and private drivers nationwide convert their vehicles and fleets to autogas, offering safety training and educational resources. Check out some of their recent work expanding our country’s autogas infrastructure here and here.

“We are thrilled LP Gas Holding Company has joined Alliance to help ensure affordable, domestically produced autogas is available to our nation’s fleets,” Alliance Autogas President Stuart Weidie said.

“Between the savings, reduced emissions and comparative performance to gasoline vehicles, converting to autogas is a smart choice for fleets looking to boost their bottom lines in this tumultuous economy,” he added. “And because 90 percent of the U.S. supply is made in America, investing in autogas also helps enhance our energy security.”

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