Propane Delivery Truck Bridge Mishap

A propane truck similar to this one sparked an emergency personnel callout when it became stuck on a bridge while making a home propane delivery in Connecticut. (image:

A Connecticut propane truck has become stuck on a small bridge while making a home propane delivery.

The truck was delivering 2300 gallons of propane to a home in Wolcott when it became stuck on a narrow bridge on the homeowner’s driveway Tuesday morning, News 8 reported.

Police said the eight-foot wooden bridge runs over a small stream. The back end of the heavy truck broke through a slat in the bridge, but the front of the truck remained on solid ground. Emergency crews brought in wood to stabilize the disabled tanker.

“He was backing over and his rear tire fell through the bridge,” Wolcott Fire Department Chief Kyle Dunn said.

Propane is highly flammable so propane delivery trucks are built to extreme safety standards to avoid the possibility of emergency fire events. Though no gas was leaking from the truck, neighbors in the area were evacuated as a precaution and power was shut off to the immediate area.

“Any sparks could cause a serious danger, so we are making sure we off-load the truck,” Chief Dunn said. “We’re having the power shut off to the main house, we don’t want any sparks as we work that truck off of the bridge.”

Another propane truck – painted pink – was brought to the scene to off-load the gas. Once the propane was removed from the disabled truck, the neighbors were allowed back inside their homes. The truck was then jacked up and towed out. No one was injured in the incident.

To see video of the incident, click here

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