FBI Investigating Oklahoma Natural Gas Pipeline Bomb

Frustratingly, the perpetrator never gave a reason for planting a bomb on an Oklahoma gas pipeline. (image: theboldcorsicanflame.wordpress.com)

Daniel Herriman, 40, will appear before a Magistrate Judge in Muskogee, OK, today for allegedly attaching an improvised explosive device (IED) to a natural gas pipeline, FuelFix.com reported. He faces federal charges of attempting to destroy property used in interstate or foreign commerce.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff Office’s report, two Enerfin Resources employees found the IED on Wednesday at a gas pipeline substation near state Highway 27. Oklahoma Highway Patrol then closed all roads while FBI bomb technicians removed and disarmed the explosive. Since there were no businesses or residences near the device, no evacuations were necessary. Okemah is about 75 miles from Oklahoma City.

Later Wednesday night, Herriman called the Sheriff Office’s 911 operator offering to turn himself in, saying “I set the bomb under the pipeline in Okemah.” He explained he’d built the device in his home using black powder, wiring, batteries, and a propane tank. He installed the bomb on Sunday and set the timer for 2 a.m.

“There hasn’t been an established motive,” said FBI spokesman Clay Simmonds, noting that Herriman has no prior arrests and doesn’t appear to be linked to any organized terrorist groups.

The FBI is examining the device in its laboratory and said no further threats have been issued. The Enerfin Resources pipeline is operated by a subsidiary of Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co.

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