Propane-Powered Farm Cannons Spark Angry Standoff

They're great for scaring critters away from crops, but propane-powered cannons have sparked a feud between a New Jersey farmer and his irritant neighbors. (image:

A New Jersey farmer’s propane-powered method of scaring animals away from his crops has sparked a standoff with angry neighbors and complaint to police, reported.

Montgomery Township farmer John Drake has installed propane cannons around his farm. The cannons’ loud firing noise wards off birds and wandering beasts, blasting at short intervals around the clock – day and night.

But neighbors within a mile’s radius are unimpressed with the sudden blasts, and say it’s like living in a war zone. They have laid a police complaint and are now taking the matter to the mayor.

“It’s just very frustrating to have moved into a wonderful community like ours and now to have constant booming cannon shots going off at all hours of the day and night,” Melissa Lister remonstrated. “It’s ruining our neighborhood. We can’t sleep at night.”

But Drake is unapologetic and says his farm would be devastated by animals without the gas-powered pest control machinery. He is simply trying to protect his livelihood.

“They’d have a smorgasbord. I don’t think they’d be a crop left to harvest.”

And though the cannons have turned his neighbors’ lives into a living hell, it looks like the law is on Drake’s side. Even though the township has a noise ordinance, Drake has a state permit to operate the propane cannons day and night.

So why not a compromise – maybe a fence? Drake says it is expensive and it would not protect his crops from birds.

To see video of John Drake’s propane-powered cannons in action, click here

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