Texas Gutter Company Cleans Up its Fleet with Autogas

Austin Gutter King expects to reduce the carbon emissions of each pickup truck by 98,000 pounds over the vehicle’s lifetime by using autogas. (image: roushcleantech.com)

We often hear of school bus companies, taxi services and police squads converting their fleets to run on propane autogas, but other companies across the country are switching too. This week Austin Gutter King, an eco-conscious rain gutter specialist company, purchased four ROUSH CleanTech Ford vehicles, successfully converting 25% of its fleet to autogas. Austin Gutter King works to improve the value of homes with a variety of rain gutter products and installation, including protection systems, patio covers, handmade rain chains. The company enjoys a solid reputation for being green and community–minded, so autogas is right up its alley.

“We use wind to power the shop, rainwater to wash the fleet vehicles and we recycle extensively,” said company president Gary Kulp. “The next logical step was to green up our fleet.”

Drivers who’ve already made the switch have given autogas rave reviews. It costs around a dollar less per gallon than gasoline, emits 60% less carbon monoxide emissions, and gives engines longer lives with reduced maintenance costs. Plus, 90% of the country’s propane supplies were produced right here in the U.S.

“I put a lot of time and thought into evaluating other fuels. For example, I found that natural gas was difficult to locate and the tanks were too large for it to be efficient for my needs,” Kulp said. “Propane autogas stood out as a responsible fuel, sourced in America – specifically in Texas – that could take my company to the next level of protecting our environment while securing our bottom line.”

Kulp isn’t worried about finding autogas fueling stations since there are more than a dozen operating throughout Austin. With growing visibility and help from companies like Alliance Autogas and ROUSH CleanTech, we can expect autogas fueling stations to continue popping up across the country, making autogas an even more viable, attractive alternative fuel for the average driver. If you’re a transportation professional or just a curious car owner, get a free estimate of how much money and emissions autogas could save you with ROUSH CleanTech’s online Savings Calculator.

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