Crazed Man Smashes Propane Tank on Girlfriend’s Car

Propane tanks are not for throwing. (image:

Here at the ‘pro, we never like to hear news of propane tanks being abused – or women being abused, for that matter. But deputies arrested a Florida man this week for striking his live-in girlfriend and throwing a propane tank on her car as she tried to drive away from their home in Sebring, Highlands Today reported.

According to Highlands County sheriff’s Deputy John Steffner III, perpetrator Gary Melton, 33, was working outside the couple’s home when his girlfriend (whose name was withheld to protect her identity) came out of the house to go pick up her children. When she started down the driveway, Melton stood in the driveway and threw a 5-gallon propane tank onto the car’s hood, causing substantial damage.

When the woman got out of the car, Melton reportedly punched her in the head and hit her legs with a stick. He’s being charged with two second degree felonies: aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and sending a missile into a vehicle. Not cool, guy.

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