Motorists Save Big With Propane Autogas

Switching to propane autogas is a great way to save on fuel costs while also looking after the environment. (image:

A British autogas conversion company is urging motorists to make the switch to propane in order to make big savings on fuel costs while saving the planet too.

MintLPG is the UK’s leading propane conversion and installation specialist. The company says that after finding a cheap car loan and scouring the Internet for the best insurance deal, switching to propane autogas is a great way to further slash your motoring costs, reported.

The South Wales firm has studied the driving patterns of the average motorist and reports that most drivers can cut their fuel bill by up to 40 percent by converting to propane autogas, also known as LPG. Edward Davies, the company’s technical director, said: ‘Kinder on your pocket and the planet than more conventional fuels, LPG burns cleaner than petrol thanks to smaller molecules, which leads to a cut in emissions.’

He added that some vehicles actually achieved better performance when they run on LPG rather than on petrol. The current price of petrol is £1.35 (US$2.20) per litre, while LGP costs only £0.75 (US$1.22) per litre. Based on a car delivering 25 miles per gallon, a 1400 mile return trip from Bilbao to Bristol will cost £345.18 (US$564.70) using a petrol-driven car and £213.08 (US$348.60) with an LPG-driven car. This means a cost saving of £132.11 (US$216.15).

The difference is even bigger if you use a car returning only 20 miles to the gallon, such as a Porsche Cayenne or a BMW X5. In this case using LPG will result in a cost saving of £165.13 (US$270.20). Although it costs about £1000 (US$1636) to convert a car to run on LPG in Britain, the investment would quickly repay itself in fuel savings, Davies said.

The MintLPG website says autogas – the world’s most popular vehicle fuel after gasoline and diesel – is much cheaper in the UK because it attract fewer taxes than regular vehicle fuels because of its environmental credentials. It is widely available with more than 1500 LPG refuelling stations across the UK.

Propane is much cleaner burning than gasoline or diesel, producing far fewer carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. It also considerably cheaper than regular vehicle fuels here in the US and is produced domestically in abundance, reducing this nation’s reliance on expensive foreign oil.

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