Inergy Expands Storage Capacity with Salt Cavern Facility

Alternative healing specialists in Germany turned this salt mine into a “Salt Healing Cavern,” believing the natural energy of the salt promotes stress relief and deep relaxation. But these caverns are also excellent for storing propane! (image:

Inergy, LP, one of the country’s largest propane retailers, purchased an underground salt cavern facility near Seneca Lake outside Watkins Glen, NY, capable of holding approximately 2 billion cubic feet of liquid propane gas, MarketWatch reported. Salt caverns are ideal for storing propane because they’re huge and essentially impermeable.

The acquisition originally faced opposition and controversy when local winery owners became concerned the Inergy project would industrialize the area and increase salt seepage into water wells. However, Inergy officials countered that plans for the gas storage facility are entirely eco-friendly and community-minded. They noted the project will create jobs, and a new railway would eliminate any concerns about truck traffic.

“Inergy is pleased to complete the acquisition of the Seneca Lake gas storage facility. This acquisition expands our storage and transportation capabilities and provides us with important pipeline infrastructure that enhances the connectivity and flexibility we can offer customers on our system,” said John Sherman, Inergy president and CEO.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Inergy currently serves more than 700,000 customers throughout 33 states.

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