Propane Lawn Trimmers Recalled

Some other names for this recalled string trimmer? According to Wikipedia, they're also called weed whackers, strimmers, line trimmers, weed eaters, weed whips, and our favorite, whipper snippers. (image:

Fiskars Canada Inc., the Ontario-based company that manufactures those orange-handled scissors you see in almost every school and office, has issued a voluntary recall of its propane-powered weed whacker, Occupational Health & Safety reported today.

Health Canada, in collaboration with Fiskars, found mechanical problems with the appliance that could lead to consumer injuries through flammability, burn, and laceration hazards. So far, however, no injuries have been reported.

Basically, strong vibrations from the trimmer’s engine caused excessive heat and potential malfunctions. If you’re a gadget nerd or just like to have all the facts, here’s Health Canada’s assessment:

The trimmer’s engine vibration allowed “the propane canister to rotate, causing an abrasion to the fuel line which may potentially cause gaseous propane to be released through the compromised fuel line during use or storage, posing a flammability hazard to consumers.”

“Additionally, high temperatures may develop in the product’s lower boom, causing the plastic guard over the cutting line to soften, deform, and/or fall off, posing a burn hazard from contact with the hot lower boom and a laceration hazard from the unguarded cutting line”

These trimmers were primarily sold in Canada, between February and June of this year, but customers who own one should stop using it immediately and contact Fiskar’s Trimmer Recall Hotline at 1-877-495-6645 for instructions on how to return it. To check out some safe, energy efficient propane-powered lawn care appliances we’ve profiled on the ‘pro, click here, here, or here.

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