Texas Extends Summer Burn Ban, Okays Propane Grilling

You can't light your fireplace or wood burning heater, but who cares when you can still fire up the ol' grill? (image: 710keel.com)

Officials in several parts of Texas have extended the burn ban that went into effect last Monday until July 25, the Herald Democrat reported. Burn bans are frequently enacted across the country in the summer, most often in an effort to curb air pollution. Grayson County approved the ban for different reasons, but the rules are the same – no fires of any kind, indoors or out.

“The departments within Grayson County have just in the last week begun an escalated response to wild land fires and brush fires,” said Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones. Around 200 acres of land have been lost in Grayson County alone since the beginning of this year. The county’s new policy mandates that anytime the Keetch-Byrum drought index (KBDI) goes above 600, the burn ban will automatically go on the Commissioner’s Court agenda.

However, a recent amendment to the ban stipulates that grilling is permitted with both charcoal and gas appliances. Propane grills must be fully enclosed with no debris or grass within a 10-foot radius, and it’s always a good idea to keep a bucket of water close by in case of flare-ups. Texans looking for a little inspiration can check out some grilling ideas and tips from the ‘pro here, here, and here!

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