German Carmaker Introduces LPG ecoFLEX

If you need a reminder on the advantages of autogas, this ecoFLEX offers a 40% cut in fuel costs and 15% fewer carbon emissions. (image:

Europe continued to dominate the propane vehicle industry this week as German automaker Opel unleashed the newest in its line of Corsa LPG ecoFLEX models, reported today.

While American drivers are still forced to use engine conversion technology, as no autogas/LPG-ready vehicles are available on the market yet, this marks Opel’s seventh ecoFLEX model.

As in the U.S., Germany offers tax breaks for energy efficient cars. With the new Corsa, Opel administrators expect drivers to save more than 40% on vehicle taxes and fuel costs. They reminded customers that autogas-powered cars are just as safe as gasoline models – they undergo rigorous fire safety and crash testing with collision-protected parts for optimum safety performance.

The company reaffirmed their goal of creating attractive alternatives for cost-conscious and environmentally aware drivers. With fuel cost savings, a 15% reduction in carbon emissions and high safety ratings, it’s no surprise autogas vehicles are gaining popularity throughout Europe (and the U.S.) Plus, since the ecoFLEX can accommodate both gasoline and autogas, when both tanks are full its operating range hits between 684 and 932 miles! Impressive, eh? Hopefully some U.S. automakers are taking notes.

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