Finally! A Portable Propane-Powered Coffee Maker

It has arrived. (image:

Here at the ‘pro, we love coffee almost as much as propane. So, imagine our delight when we discovered this portable propane-powered coffee maker from Coleman!

You’re not a chipper Charlie after sleeping in a hot tent on lumpy ground? No problem. This rad litttle appliance can brew a piping pot of coffee in eighteen minutes. It runs on standard one-pound portable propane canister, which will last around 4.5 hours. One consumer testified that one canister provides sixteen pots of coffee. Pretty great gift idea for the outdoorsy coffee junkie in your life, eh? It’ll run you around $90; check it out online here.

We knew you’d want to see this baby in action:

[youtube mQHs0dxlMxY]

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