Seattle Shuttle Company Goes Green with Propane Autogas

Seattle's Shuttle Express transport service is going "greener" by converting its 100-strong van fleet to propane autogas. (image:

A Seattle airport shuttle company is converting its entire fleet of 100 vans to clean-burning propane to become more environmentally responsible.

Shuttle Express operates a network of 100 vans, 15 buses and luxury coaches as well as 75 sedans and limos. Company president John Rowley said the entire van fleet was now being converted to run on “greener” propane autogas. The company transports up to 3500 passengers annually, burning through 800,000 gallons of fuel and travelling nine million miles.

“We’re quickly moving toward a 100 percent propane-powered van fleet,” Rowley said. “We are committed to being the best transportation choice, and part of that means being the environment-friendly option for our guests.”

Propane is cheaper and cleaner burning than traditional vehicle fuels, producing up to 90 percent fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel. The alternative fuel is produced in abundance domestically in the US and is becoming even more popular as gasoline prices soar. There are about 15 million propane-powered vehicles worldwide.

President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum earlier this month ordering the federal vehicle fleet to run entirely on alternative fuels by 2015. Propane autogas is already used extensively in the US, particularly to power large fleets.

Proposed legislation tabled in Washington last month seeks to extend tax subsidies for autogas, autogas-powered vehicles and autogas refueling infrastructure for another five years to help make the US less reliant on foreign oil.

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