Weeds Taking Over? Not if You Have a Propane Gardening Torch

Don't come around here no more. (image: familyblog.spritzerleyba.com)

We’re heading into prime growing season for lots of delicious vegetable matter and gorgeous flower plants, and that means this year’s war on weeds has begun. Before you start choosing questionable herbicides, check this out – according to a recent editorial in the Washington Post, perhaps all you need for battle is a nice pair of Crocs and this awesome hand-held propane torch!

This Bernzomatic Self-Igniting 20,000 BTU Outdoor Torch can easily handle a medium-sized garden. Just keep the kids far, far away! (image: amazon.com)

First, let’s get the hazards out of the way. Be sure there isn’t any tinder-like debris in your garden that could start a fire. Wear protective gear (no flip-flops!) and handle it very cautiously. ‘K then.

Now the good stuff. These lightweight flame wands are fueled by three-gallon propane tanks or one-quart canisters, usually mounted on a backpack. They can kill a large amount of weeds quickly and without harmful chemicals. If you read the instructions and use it correctly, it’s downright fun.

A few tips:

Allow surface weeds to grow freely for two weeks, then torch the suckers. You don’t have to blast them to oblivion – if they don’t look dead right away, just wait a couple hours! And remember not to get excited and flame too quickly. Gardeners recommend waiting five days after sowing the crop. We’ve got our eye out for more cool gardening tools, so stayed tuned into the ‘pro for future gadget updates.

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