U-Haul Adds Propane/Autogas Refilling Station in Washington

U-Haul propane retailers can fill any kind of legal tank, including canisters for grills and hot air balloons! (image: nydailynews.com)

U-Haul announced the addition of a new propane/autogas refilling station in North Auburn, Washington, to its network of locations, the company stated in a press release this week. The new station will be equipped with a handheld device to quickly scan your tank and gauge how much is inside.

Many U-Haul service centers offer consumers access to propane autogas refueling stations. In fact, the company has one of North America’s largest propane retail networks, with more than 16,300 locations across the United States and Canada. While many drivers, both private and commercial, are converting their engines to run on autogas, the shortage of fueling stations has been a serious drawback for many drivers considering the switch.

U-Haul's new easy-to-use pump in North Auburn, WA. More and more propane autogas refueling stations are slowly popping up across the United States. (image: uhaul.com)

“Our customers clearly appreciate the fact that U-Haul fills the tank right in front of them and charges for propane only by the gallon, rather than charging a minimum fill or flat fee,” said James Meneghini, U-Haul’s general manager in North Auburn. “U-Haul provides special rates for Autogas, which allows us to save even more money for our customers and local business operators using propane-powered vehicles.”

The company also reminded drivers that autogas exhaust produces 60-70% less hydrocarbon emissions than gasoline. U-Haul’s other eco-friendly practices include reusing moving boxes and using biodegradable packing peanuts and moving pads composed of discarded, recycled material. To find a U-Haul propane refilling station near you, check out uhaul.com/propane.

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