Suburban Propane Releases Alert on Lottery Scam

A Suburban Propane bobtail truck makes the rounds in Washington state. (image: Ashman 88 via

This morning, the propane supplier Suburban Propane put out a warning that the company’s name is being used in connection with a lottery scam. Targets of the scam receive a notice that they’ve won a $50,000 jackpot. A check for $3,100 that appears to be issued by Suburban Propane is attached to the notice, with instructions to cash the check and wire the money to a London tax office.

But Suburban Propane is warning potential victims: “These checks are fraudulent and the mailing is a scam.”

The New Jersey-based retailer is working with the authorities, and asks that any recipients contact the local police, and fax whatever they have received to (973) 503-9041.

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