The Fate of Old Propane Grills? Scrap Metal or the Curb

Does this scene look familiar? Then perhaps it is time for a new grill. (image:

So the weather has turned warm and you decide to grill some burgers for the first time in months. But when you take off the grill cover, you find a family of squirrels has taken up residence under the burners. And the whole thing has the sweet stink of decay.

It is time for a new grill. Now what do you do with the old one?

Unhook the propane tank, and take it down to the local scrap metal recycler, advises the Providence (R.I.) Journal, be it a transfer station or recycling center. Or if you drive a Ford Fiesta and can’t fit it in the back, check the civic calendar for a bulk waste collection day, and just haul it to the curb.

And what to do with the old propane tank? Go trade it in for a full one, and get back to BBQing.

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