Trucks that Carry Propane and a Message

Thompson Gas and its pink "Fuel for Hope" bobtail truck; AmeriGas supports the California Farm Bureau; and Ferrellgas shows off its autism awareness-themed propane truck. (images: Thompson Gas; AmeriGas; Ferrellgas)

The side of a propane bobtail truck has often been seen as the blank canvas for a message, typically the company name. Though some propane retailers have been using the space to turn their trucks into mobile billboards for a cause.

In recent months, large retailers like Ferrellgas, Thompson Gas, and AmeriGas have promoted several efforts on the sides of their bobtails. This week, Ferrellgas revealed a bulk truck at a Virginia dealer in support of the Autism Society of America, represented by the foundation’s puzzle piece theme. Last fall, the California-based retailer Thompson Gas added some pink trucks to its fleet as part of the “Fuel for Hope” program, in partnership with the American Breast Cancer Foundation. And AmeriGas recently got behind the California Farm Bureau with a produce-themed truck, featuring an artichoke on a fork, among other edibles.

Have any more photos of bobtail trucks that carry propane and a message? Let us know.

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