In a Turnaround, U.S. Propane Inventory Adds a Million Barrels

March left the Midwest like a lion, but the first week of April melted some of the late snowfall, like at this farm in Wisconsin. (image: Ms. Judi via

At last, the Midwest thawed out.

Temperatures in the heartland reached into the 70s during the first week of April, melting some of the early-spring snow that had blanketed the region, and sending folks to the closet for their short-sleeve shirts. It was a turnaround from the chilly tail end of March, which had prompted a record drawdown from the national propane inventory for the first full week of spring.

Instead, the stockpile was up for the week that ended on Friday, according to this afternoon’s report from the Energy Information Administration. Led by a 1.2 million barrel increase from the Midwest, inventory levels were up a hair shy of a million barrels. (A decline in the Gulf offset some of the Midwest’s gains.) We mistakenly said it before, but this should be the start of the springtime inventory build up.

To mark the occasion, here’s a warm weather poem they like to recite in New York City.

Spring in the Bronx

Spring has sprung.
The grass is ris.
I wonder where
the birdies is?

— Anonymous

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