The Top 5 Apps for Propane Users

Apps for propane users: LowerMyHeat, Rhino Gauge, Hot Air, and "King of the Hill" sounds. (image:

Smartphone apps — the applications that run on wireless devices like the iPhone or BlackBerry — have brought new utility, versatility, and frivolity to the cell phone. There are apps that demystify the constellations in the night sky (Star Walk), or identify the song playing on the radio (Shazam), or fling small birds at pigs in an addictive puzzle game (Angry Birds).

There are even a handful of apps to assist the propane user. Here’s a look at five of the more interesting offerings.

Hot Air
iPhone ($3.99)
A flight logger for pilots of hot air balloons, Hot Air tracks all the stats in the basket, including propane consumption.

King of the Hill Soundboard
Android (free)
Fourteen sound bites from that beloved propane salesman, Hank Hill. Including the theme song, and Hank’s perennial “I sell propane and propane accessories.”

iPhone (free)
Enter how much you pay for a gallon of propane (or heating oil), and LowerMyHeat will compare your rate with federal data and let you know if you’re getting a good deal. A future update will also alert users when prices drop, and it’s a good time to phone in an order.

Rhino Gauge
iPhone (free)
Ever run out of propane while running the grill on the Fourth of July? The Rhino Gauge may help. A creation of Blue Rhino, this app helps grillers estimate how much gas is left in the tank. With a timer, and a Blue Rhino dealer locater.

DriveAlternatives Lite
iPhone (free)
For owners of alt-fuel vehicles who need a pitstop, DriveAlternatives will direct you to the nearest filling station that has what you need, be it propane autogas, biodiesel, or natural gas.

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