Two Bucks for a Gallon of Gas? If it’s Autogas

Autogas: Fueling up your car like it's 2004. (image: Alliance AutoGas)

Is that picture from 2004?

Nope, it’s the scene from outside an autogas station in North Carolina, where the propane is flowing for just over $2 a gallon. And if you squint, you can see in the background that gasoline is $3.59. The state’s LPG-car owners can fuel up for 56-percent of the price of the rest of us.

We’ve seen photos like this before, but not on these shores. (Here’s an autogas sign in Germany.) The majority of LPG vehicles on American roads are fleet vehicles, which in most cases have their own fueling stations. So it’s less common to get the reverse sticker shock of seeing autogas advertised on the sign.

A hat tip to Alliance AutoGas, the propane-minded fuel network, for posting the pic.

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