Heritage Propane Sponsors Two Dragsters

One of the Roush Drag Team's propane-powered Mustangs. Actually, make that a Heritage Propane-powered Mustang. (image: roushperformance.com)

Next time you’re at the drag races, keep an eye out for one of the new Heritage Propane muscle cars. The Florida-based propane dealer has struck a deal with the Roush Drag Team that puts the Heritage name on a pair of the team’s Mustangs, according to a press release from Roush.

The company will be featured on the 2010 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Powered by Propane, piloted by Susan Roush-McClenaghan. And on the 2005 Roush Stage 3 Mustang, with Donnie Bowles at the wheel. Both cars run on propane.

Roush — a name associated with car races and automotive engineering — is a good match with Heritage. Roush Industries operates a “CleanTech” division that converts Ford vehicles to run on propane. The company is part of the empire that belongs to motorsports magnate Jack Roush, whose ventures include Roush Fenway Racing, a Nascar team.

“Together we can surely increase the market for autogas in the United States,” says Ed Varney, a vice president at Heritage. “We are quite optimistic about the future of propane autogas.”

Heritage Propane is also the official propane supplier of the Roush Drag Team, according to the release.

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